Self-care is something that many of us understand is an important component to a healthy lifestyle, but do we actually take the time to accomplish what we define as self-care? Self-care can look different from one person to the next, but each definition for “self-care” will look similar. Self-care can be described as performing an activity that provides one with a sense of fulfillment, relaxation, and ease; or not performing any activity at all. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of nothing in our daily schedules to allow for time to tune-in to oneself and determine what it is that our body and mind needs, and, deserves. Benefits of self care include: improving your physical health, reducing stress and anxiety, boosting your self-esteem, and protecting your mental health.

Sydney: As an extrovert, I find my self-care relies on being surrounded by positive friends and family from day-to-day; but sometimes I need to take the time to actually zone in on myself. My version of self-care typically consists of completing a challenging workout (with the loudest music), cleaning and organizing my house, eating a healthy meal, and getting active outdoors (i.e., snowmobiling, hunting, swimming, etc.)!

Dayna: Self-care to me means taking a step back. As an introvert, I find alone time to be my best therapy. I enjoy silent appointments to aid in relaxation, a tidied house lessens my anxiety, eating clean not only makes me feel good, it also helps with my complexion, and taking time to squeeze in a workout helps my self confidence, productivity and overall mental clarity. I believe self-care sets you up with good habits for a healthy mind and lifestyle. Taking time out of each day to engage in self-care can help relieve the obstacles of everyday life. Caring for yourself equally involves both mental and physical care, and I think they bounce off one another. If you let one slip, the other one will too.

Self-care is extremely important for everyone. Burnout is real. If we don’t take time to look after ourselves, we can become consumed in our work and other aspects of living which puts us into an auto-pilot. Burnout is what happens when you get into this auto-pilot mode and you eventually hit a wall, completely fatiguing yourself of any energy to continue your tasks. A little bit of self-care can go a long ways and keep you from hitting that wall.

Ideas :
• Get a relaxation massage
• Go for a facial/manicure/spa day • Get into an exercise routine
• Go for a walk
• Visit with some furry friends
• Unplug from social media
• Read a book
• Try to learn something new
• Any many more

At Capture Therapeutics, we can be a stepping stone for your self-care journey. We offer relaxation massages, facials with our aesthetician, kinesiology evaluations, workout challenges, cooking classes, and occupational services to help you learn the tools you need for managing you and your needs.

Dayna, RMT

Sydney, BScKin