About Us

At Capture Therapeutics we are determined:

  • To inspire a healthier you. 
  • To alleviate the pains associated with healthcare. 
  • To surround you with thriving professionals determined to change the obstacles you encounter within the system.
  • To be YOUR safe space where you are at the CORE of our family.

Accessible Care in a Reasonable Time providing Utmost Quality and Caring in some of the most difficult life periods. 

Seen. Heard. & Understood. 


Imagine being followed through the system...not falling through the cracks...no referral forgotten...an update to your doctor and specialists prior to your next visits...our recommendations to your doctor...we will call for your next referral to save you time...we take extra courses to make sure you can stay local...we truly care about delivering you all available services within our scope...we are here for what you need.

  • You are not a number at Capture you are a person with real needs and real concerns.
  • You have a voice and can ask all the questions you need answered. 
  • We will ask all the questions we feel necessary to ensure we truly understand your personal goals for your visit and what you label as success. 

Seen. Heard. & Understood.