Same Day Accessible Appointments Truro - NS, Grand Falls & Woodstock - NB

Same Day Appointments 7:30 am - 9 pm

Same Day Accessible Appointments Truro - NS, Grand Falls & Woodstock - NB

Same Day Appointments 7:30 am - 9 pm

Same Day Appointment Available


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Pain Relief Creams & Gels
Pelvic Health & Sexual Health

We treat from head to toe

We help improve your physical well being, fuel your body, keep your skin glowing, assist in managing your stress level, and can provide you with the equipment necessary to keep you moving.

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Groups accessible immediately & classes upon start date listed


Experience the Capture Way

Massage Therapy

Hot stones, cupping, & spa services...


Body & food positivity are essential

Occupational Therapy

Ergonomic assessment, mental health support, return to work planning...


A program tailored for you or delivered in group class settings

Women's Health & Baby Care

Pelvic rehab, pre/post partum, incontinence & sexual pain

Brace & support supplier

We've got options - from off the shelf to custom bracing

Work or Vehicle Accident


Facials & Waxing

Only in certain locations

and Much More...

from acupucnture to pedorthists




"They got me - they took the time to hear my whole story! Then they looked at it as if it was a puzzle and brought in all the right professionals to make sure my pain got better. Absolutely amazing experience"



"I'm bilingual, but more comfortable in French. They accommodated me with a French team and made sure nothing was lost in translation. This team sparkles!"



"For the first time in a long time in our medical system - I was HEARD - they got me the right brace to relieve my pain, the right referrals to the appropriate specialists, and communicated with my family doctor."


Grand Falls

"They made my day! I woke up with terrible back pain - I called and just like that within 2 hours I was receiving treatment and seeing three different professionals! Such an upgrade from previous experiences."

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Grand Falls, Woodstock NB & Truro NS

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What if I don't know who I should book with?

This happens all the time! Don't be shy - give us a call and we can guide you to the right professional dependent on the issue. Our team is able to ask very simple questions that will help guide you through your healthcare journey. Take that first step.

Do I need a doctor's referral?

We are a primary direct access care clinic. So no. We can help you even without a doctors note. If you require one for your insurance we can help you with that paperwork as well. We are here to simplify access to healthcare. Just let us know what you need help with.

Do you direct bill insurance companies?

Absolutely. If we don't direct bill yours and it is a function that is available - we will make sure we are able to direct bill with them before your session. Our commitment is to your peace of mind.