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Meet Gabby, our Registered Dietitian! The word diet may be in her title, but that is not what you will receive when you meet with her. There is no eating pattern that works for everyone or that fits everyone’s lifestyle. Your body is in constant communication with you, and Gabrielle’s goal is toguide you in discovering an eating pattern that respects what your body is telling you and works with your lifestyle.

Gabrielle’s first memory of learning about healthy food was learning about healthier baking around the age of 11. In high school she learned more about how our bodies respond to the foods we eat and the lifestyle choices we make which ultimately led to her choosing a career as a Registered Dietitian. Gabrielle grew up in Moncton, completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at the University of Moncton and completed her internship at the Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Center in Moncton. Her role as a Retail Dietitian brought her to Grand Falls and she has since adopted our little town as her own. During her retail experience she realized that one of the biggest struggles her clients faced was not knowing what they had to change, but rather how they could make it work in their busy lives. This realization has helped to shape the framework she uses when working with clients.

When working with Gabrielle, she takes a truly holistic approach. This means that she considers all factors that affect your food choices and your relationship with food, as well as your other lifestyle habits. From there she will guide in you in creating a value-based action plan, with action- oriented goals that are meaningful to you.

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