Hydrotherapy & Commercial Gym/Pool

Our Grand Falls facility allows accessibility to all types of clientele from the elite to the ones with disabilities. We cater every patient's program to their unique needs. 

We have an underground treadmill in our pool, a bike, trampoline, lots of pool supplies such as weights, noodles, supports, ...We have also integrated a spa tub in this space to allow for muscle relaxation post-exercise and a sauna as well. A private bathroom with shower is also there to cater your needs. 

We focus on rehabilitating individuals of orthopedic, neurological, pediatric, and much more. This allows our patients to get active much faster than with other types of rehabilitation as the water acts as a weight reducing agent. Faster progress through the stages means a better and fuller recovery for you or your loved one. 

It is also a great source of exercise for osteoporosis as it is considered weight-bearing, but it is extremely safe. We also do weight loss programs in the water as it significantly decreases the pressure on your joints. 

We do instill that our primary focus is rehabilitation and we do limit the amount of commercial passes available to ensure that our clients are our first priority. 

Our pool holds rehabilitative classes, some fun fitness classes such as "Mommy & Me", as well as is available for anybody to access through membership punch cards. 

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