Wound Care with Michelle

Wound Care with Michelle

Did you know physiotherapists are health care professionals that can help you prevent and manage traumatic, surgical and chronic wounds (diabetic, arterial, and venous ulcers).

The key factors to wound healing are: proper wound dressing, treating the underlying cause and patient education on management of the condition. 

  1. Proper wound dressing: by cleaning the wound and applying the proper wound dressing, the physiotherapist will provide the appropriate wound healing environment and infection control.
  2. Treating the underlying cause: wounds can be caused and influenced by many different factors. By promoting a multi-disciplinary approach, the physiotherapist is able to refer the patient to the right professionals to ensure the best possible conditions for wound healing and prevention. Here are a few examples:
  • Dietitian - assure proper nutrition and hydration, management of blood sugar
  • Medical doctor - prescriptions, complications/infection treatment
  • Kinesiologist - fall prevention, promotion of  mobility & strength
  • Physiotherapist - walking aids, orthopedic injuries, vertigo and incontinence treatment

     3. Client education: each implicated professional will help you understand your injury and give you the tools to be an active player in your recovery. 

Your skin plays an important role in protecting your body.. So let's take care of it. Call PhysioFirst at 473-7064 or book your consultation online with myself, Michelle Daigle and together we will get those defenses up.