What is the Importance of Regular Facials?

What is the Importance of Regular Facials?

What is the Importance of Regular Facials?

There are lots of different types of facials out there. I’ve broken down the most basic steps to a facial to demonstrate the importance of each one, and to gain better understanding of why facials are so important for your desired results. Whether it be acne, pigmentation/dark spots, or signs of aging, with the correct skincare treatments and home-care products, greater results can be achieved.

Our skin renews itself every 28 days. This is when our cell turnover occurs, therefore a facial once a month is most beneficial because this is when our skin will absorb products the most. As we age, the process of cell-turnover slows down, therefore treatments and products that will help encourage this process are necessary.

Your skin has different needs depending on the season. You may need certain treatments and products during a specific time of year, all depending on your main concerns.

Steps to a basic facial-

Cleansing: removal of debris, oil, and impurities.

Toning: replenish, nourish, and balance the PH of your skin. It also helps the products applied later on to better absorb into the skin.

Exfoliation: removal of dead skin cells, allowing products applied to the skin to penetrate deeper.

Massage: improves circulation, relaxes facial muscles, and tones.

Extractions: clears clogged pores.

Mask: some facial masks have different purposes. You can have a clarifying/detoxifying mask which can help get rid of impurities in the skin, or a hydrating mask which can soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin.

Eye Serum: improves appearance of fine lines and puffiness, as well as brightens the under-eye area.

Serum: high concentration of performance ingredients to help target your main skin concerns. These active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin.

Day/Night cream: Applied after the serum to lock in the ingredients previously applied, as well as creating a barrier to lock in moisture.

SPF: sunscreen is important throughout the entire year. The areas of our body that are exposed most year-round are our hands, neck/décolleté, and face. These are the areas we see signs of aging first, which is usually due to sun exposure without the right protection.

The skincare products we chose to bring into the clinic is a Canadian company called Face Addiction. Face Addiction is devoted to skin care and creating products that are beautifully aromatic, potent and pure. Face Addiction skincare gives the therapist the freedom to custom-blend a skincare treatment specifically with the client’s goals in mind. These products contain:

•No Chemical Preservatives

•No Colourants or Fragrance

•Paraben & SLS Free

•No Animal Testing

•Gluten Free