Top 3 Common Myths about Chiropractic Treatment

Top 3 Common Myths about Chiropractic Treatment

 When I see new patients, who have never been to a chiropractor before, they often have questions and seek to better understand what is involved in a chiropractic treatment. The fear of the unknown is normal; however, it can bring with it some challenges and anxieties. I repeatedly come across some common misconceptions. So, I wanted to take this opportunity to debunk the top 3 myths I often hear about chiropractic.


1Chiropractors can only treat back pain

Chiropractors are musculoskeletal experts, we are trained in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and prevention ofbiomechanical disorders. Chiropractors focus on conditions that originate from the muscular, skeletal and nervous system.However, this is not limited to conditions of the spine. Chiropractors are also trained to manage musculoskeletal conditions of the entire body including; extremities, jaw and headaches. Chiropractors are also knowledgeable in other areas including nutrition, fitness and ergonomics. This holistic approach assists chiropractors in managing or preventing a wide variety of health conditions.


 2Adjustments are painful

A manipulation (A.K.A an adjustment or a “crack”) is a quick, small thrust to the spine or other parts of the body. The intendedpurpose is to provide immediate pain relief and increased range of motion. In general, adjustments or joint manipulations do not hurt.  In fact, many patients report immediate pain relieffollowing an adjustment. Patients may be nervous about the ‘cracking’ or popping sound. However, fear not, the sound issimply the result of the release of gas bubbles within the joint. Consent is always ongoing and I will often check in with my patients during a treatment to ensure they are comfortable with treatment.


3. Once you see a chiropractor you have to keep going back

Simply put, this is false. When seeking care from a chiropractor, we will perform an assessment including a detailed history and physical examination to determine the cause of the pain or dysfunction. From the history and physical, a diagnosis will be made and an individualized treatment plan will be developed. This will be done in collaboration with the patient – according to their needs, comfort level and goals. Depending on the patient and the condition, the recommended type, frequency and duration of care will vary. Some patients prefer to continue with chiropractic care after recovery has been achieved. This type of care is referred to as maintenance care and is an effort to maintain mobility and prevent re-occurrence of their condition. However, ultimately, the decision to continue care is entirely up to the patient.


The health of your musculoskeletal system doesn’t start and end with a healthy spine. To obtain wellness and prevent illness, it is important to maintain a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. At Capture, our priority as a multi-disciplinary clinic is to offer services that are complimentary and address all aspects of well-being. Often part of a complete treatment plan will include referral to one of our other health care providers.


Team work makes the dream work,

Dr. Yanik