Summer in the Maritimes

Summer in the Maritimes

Summers in the Maritimes are far too short not to be outside enjoying the nice weather! There are many different activities to choose from to stay active during the summer months, whether you want to be inland or by the water. Below is a list of summer fun if you need some ideas of what to do!  

 Water- Are you wanting to catch some rays by the water this summer? There are a variety of land and water activities that you and your family and friends can try. Spend the day building sandcastles, swimming, throwing a frisbee or football, beach volleyball, kayaking, paddling boarding, tubing, or fishing.  

Hiking- There are various trails through wooded areas or on the coast lines for all populations to check out all over the Maritimes.

Biking- Whether you are a trail or road cyclist start pedaling and enjoy some fresh air and the scenery around you. If you like to have a plan, do a route where you can go grab a cone of ice cream or a bite to eat!

Courts- If you have access to outdoor courts during the summer you can grab your close friends and play a match of tennis, serve volleyballs back and forth, play ball hockey, or shoot some hoops.

Pitches- Summer sports programs are beginning! Spend your evenings or weekends on a pitch playing a game of softball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, or rugby.

Running/ Walking- Good for all ages, get out and enjoy the fresh air! Running and walking clubs have become more and more popular this summer. Check and see if there are any local clubs that you can join. Otherwise, enjoy a walk around your own neighborhood or parks – you may discover some close to home gems!

Camping- Pitch a tent and spend a night or two enjoying the outdoors by a campfire roasting marshmallows, playing campfire games, and enjoying the different activities that each campground has to offer!  

Yard Games- Having a friends and family barbecue? Yard games can be fun for all ages! Some classics go-to’s are washer toss, horseshoes, spike ball, soccer baseball, croquet, ladder toss, cornhole, lawn bowling, red light green light, what time is it Mr. Wolve, Simon Says, Tag, and Hide and Seek.

 We at Capture Therapeutics want you to make the best of the summer months! If you need any help getting out and being active this summer, we are here for you, whether you need a massage, physiotherapy treatment, chiropractic care, or a personalized exercise program!

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-Mackenzie, kinesiologist