Pelvic Health & Women's Health

Pelvic Health & Women's Health

Hey Everyone! 

Today I'm going to talk about the importance of physiotherapy during your pregnancy. At PhysioFirst, we have a program where we follow our ladies throughout their whole pregnancy. Once a month or more frequently as to match your personal needs. 

As a pelvic floor therapist I have designed a program where month to month we discuss what is going on within your body; discuss any issues or concerns you may have; and do any appropriate referrals you may require.

We deal with any pains you may be experiencing from low back pain, to breast pain, to leg pain, etc. We can help you cope with water retention and discuss the steps to take to ensure your pelvic floor rehabilitates well post delivery.

I'm a sounding board for you & soon to be daddy to discuss concerns you may have about this whole life experience. From exercise to energy levels. We also have an amazing massage therapists who has a focus on women's health and massages to alleviate pregnancy pain. 

I will discuss with you the best ways to decrease your risk of tearing, explain what to expect during your delivery, and make sure your head is at ease while you experience this incredible journey. 

I can also follow you and encourage all my ladies be followed post delivery. Where we can make sure your life resumes to normal - from day to day living, to sexual activity, to breast massage, to flagging baby blues, to rehabilitating your pelvic floor so its strong and ready for the next "maybe baby" or simply to prevent incontinence down the road.   

Talk Soon!

Sascha xo