Battling Pandemic Burnout

Battling Pandemic Burnout

The year is 2019 and we are advised to stay at home for 2 weeks, we are going to flatten the curve and life will be return to normal in the blink of an eye. Two years later we are still dealing with pandemic life. 

Maybe you are permanently working from home, your kids are being home schooled, you’ve had to change careers, or even moved away from family and friends. I think it is safe to say we  each had to alter our life styles and with that came stressors.

Trying to keep up with new rules and regulations, keeping ourselves healthy and staying on top of work and home life has become increasingly difficult and hard to maintain. Due to this, many have been suffering from “Covid Fatigue” or “Pandemic Burnout”

So, what is burnout? 

Burnout is also describe as “a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged  stress.”

Symptoms of burnout include but are not limited to :

Loss of motivation and enthusiasm. Irritability and mood swings. Sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, and stomachaches.

While it has been important to be checking on our neighbours and friends, I think most of us have put ourselves on the back burner.

Here are a few tips to prevent or help if you have been struggling with burnout:

-Prioritize Self Care: Private or group work out classes, massage therapy, facials, epsom salt baths, read a book. Try and give yourself a dedicated hour a day if you can, but any time at all counts.

-Seek mental health support: Therapists and Counsellors can be reached online or through phone. In person appointments are always an option as well.

-Lean on family and friends for support: Others can not offer support if they are unaware you need it. There is no shame in asking for help.

-Set personal and professional boundaries: Keep your in home work space separate, so you can feel like you can “leave” work. Realize that you can not take care of everyone’s needs if your own are not being met. It is not up to you to carry the whole team at work or at home.

Be kind to yourself and take care,

Danica , RMT