Concerned about falling on the ice and snow this year?

Concerned about falling on the ice and snow this year?

The colder months of the year can bring ice, snow, and typically slippery ground conditions. With these factors, we clinicians often see a higher level of fall related injuries which may be prevented if precautions are taken. Here are some tips you can take to help lower your risk of falling this winter.

  • Ensure you have proper foot ware providing good traction. It is recommended that you have ice/snow grips on your shoes.
  • Be aware of the surface below your feet: oftentimes, there can be ice beneath a layer of fresh snow, or watch for black ice.
  • Give yourself extra time when you plan to be going outside, this way you can take your time walking along ice and snow.
  • Dress warmly: when your body is warm, your muscles are typically in a more relaxed state which allows for better control of movement.
  • Penguin walk: when walking along a slippery surface, take smaller steps with your toes turned outwards.

It is always good to take the above tips into consideration to reduce your risk of falling; however, they do not promise that you are not still at risk. Fall risk can depend on your balance, gait (walking pattern), strength, and motor control. Some higher-risk individuals can benefit from further intervention with a kinesiologist. This would entail the following:

  • A kinesiology evaluation: to perform balance tests, walking tests, and strength tests. This will provide your kinesiologist with the information needed to design a program tailored to the individuals needs and desires.
  • The individualized program initially would be supervised with progression to a home program that can be continued long term.
  • As the exercises in the program become easier, follow up appointments can work on exercise progression to ensure you are maximizing the benefits of your program.
  • Kinesiologists will re-test your performance to demonstrate the progress made towards attaining your goal of decreasing fall risk.

With the winter months here and still ahead of us, we at Capture Therapeutics will ensure that you are Seen. Heard. Understood. If you, or someone you know, may be at higher-risk of falling on the icy grounds, call and book an appointment with one of our kinesiologists today! If you are unsure of whether a kinesiologist is right for your needs, let us help you get set up with the right professional.

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