Accessibility at Capture Therapeutics by PhysioFirst

Accessibility at Capture Therapeutics by PhysioFirst

At Capture Therapeutics by PhysioFirst our mission is for our patients and staff to be seen, heard, and understood which is achieved through tangible and intangible accessibility. To us, accessibility is being able to provide equal access and opportunity to each individual. Our four pillars of accessibility are booking, environment, people, and culture, all of which we strive to meet daily. 

 Our booking processes are user-friendly and easily accessible anywhere, anytime. You can book online, over the telephone and in person at our locations. This availability of options alleviates the stress of finding a booking time from the very first interaction. Capture Therapeutics by PhysioFirst promises no wait list for our services, meaning that our patients can always find a same-day or next-day appointment. This promise allows for treatments to begin quickly so that you can start feeling better sooner and allows you to see a therapist immediately when an issue arises.  As well, the following services are direct access, meaning doctor referral notes are not required, these services include physiotherapists, dietitian, acupuncturist, kinesiologists, massage therapists and pedorthist. Our extended hours ensure that everyone can be seen in a timely manner regardless of their schedules. The clinics are open Monday to Thursday from 7:30am until 9pm and Fridays 7:30am until 5pm creating available early morning and evening appointments. If you are unable to visit us in person, our staff is more than happy and willing to book online appointments! 

 Our environment is accessible to everyone who walks through our doors regardless of the location you go to (Grand Falls or Woodstock). There are no steps, stairs or curbs to be navigated when you come to either clinic. Additionally, our environment boasts brand new state of the art equipment in our gyms and treatment areas. Modalities that could be used throughout treatments to aid and promote rehabilitation include: laser, shockwave, interferential current (IFC), ultrasound and TENS. The gyms are equipped with all new cardio and strength training equipment as well as a pool and hot tub located at our Grand Falls location. Our private treatment rooms are inviting with beds that can be raised and lowered for both our patients and staff’s comfort. We pride ourselves on having a home-y feel so that you feel at ease talking to your therapist about whatever is ailing you behind closed doors.

 At Capture Therapeutics by Physiofirst, our staff also play a role in accessibility. Therapists provide individualized treatment plans specific to the person, their goals, and their injury, while following a formula for success we have created with our years of experience. As a multi-disciplinary clinic, we have a wide range of services including: physical therapy and rehabilitation, massage therapy, dietitian services, acupuncture, kinesiology, pedorthist, and chiropractic services all under one roof. This allows for multi-dimensional treatment and teamwork amongst practitioners to offer care for all aspects of the issues our patients are facing. Additionally, we as people strive to make health care as easy to navigate as possible by ensuring clear communication with the other members of your health care team (i.e. family doctors, specialistists, etc.). 

 Finally, our culture at Capture Therapeutics by Physiofirst sets us apart. We are a family. We value close relationships between staff which makes coming to work all the more fun and rewarding. This culture fosters an atmosphere of continued learning and growing so that we can be the best possible team for our patients. Every member of our staff team is valued and their opinions are listened to equally. The company provides many opportunities to continue to advance our skills and grow into our individual strengths and areas of practice we enjoy. Capture Therapeutics cares about the employees well being and shows this through the benefits it offers, vacation time, monthly staff appreciation events and effective feedback . The company believes in providing excellent jobs and an incredible work space for its employees. 

 If you want to be seen, heard, and understood please give us a call at (506)325-1565 (Woodstock) or (506)473-7064 (Grand Falls) or 1-833- U R HEARD (toll free) or visit our website to book online!