Toe Walking...Should you Worry?

Toe Walking...Should you Worry?

Most of the time the answer is no.

This is common in children under the age of 2. After two, some kids continue to do so because it has become a habit and with time their calf muscles have shortened.

Others may have a specific reason for toe walking that could be more serious or an indication of another condition. 

Often times, toe walking can be corrected, or ruled out as a concern. This is often seen in kids. 

The is mostly on future function, ability to walk with a normative pattern, running more easily, athletic performance, ability to put on skates and so on. 

As a physiotherapist we can asses your child’s walking pattern, and let you know if there is something you should be concerned about or not. We will rule out possibility of conditions and contact your doctor if need be.

Sometimes we may recommend an xray to ensure your child’s legs are properly formed, recommend a specialist, schedule you with a pedorthist to further evaluate your child’s legs/feet, or we may perform some exercises to help your child. All of our decisions are dependent on your child’s well being and helping educate you and your through these stages.

So key points: 

Don’t worry if they are under 18 months and not walking yet (if you are really worried call us we can help reassure you)

Often times this is something simple to correct and not worrisome. 

An assessment with your physiotherapist may be able to give you the answers you require. 

We’re always here to help.